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Let's redefine crowdfunding by funding higher education with Bitcoin. Let's exercise an alternative to crippling interest rates and service fees on students.


I first began learning about the concepts and advantages behind digital currency while earning my bachelor's at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Soon after, I entered public affairs as a young professional and engaged America's leading elected officials. These exercises laid the groundwork for my Ph.D. pursuit. Follow the road to learn more ...

Did you know...

All Bitcoin addresses (or holdings) are public!
All transactions are listed in a global public ledger known as the Blockchain. If you're making a deal with someone, a credit check (or the necessity to rely on a controversial credit system) is not necessary.

During graduate school at NYU, I built the framework for an effective online brand amplification methodology that earned me the 2012 Technology Management Student Achievement Award. I also finished ranked #1 in my graduate class for a master's in management.


Invest in me, and as before, I will provide a strong return. Let's help pave the way for alternative funding options for higher education.    

What does the fox say?...

"Contribute to Brandon Chicotsky's Ph.D. endeavor with alt-currency." 

Policy advocacy and lobbying were exercises in rallying support; I learned to execute campaigns with a winning edge.


Your support enables me to expand research of brand amplification methodology (see video at the top of the page). 


Did you know...


Bitcoins follow a mathematical “schedule” and will peak at 21 million coins by the middle of next century. This cieling ensures an individual’s purchase power. The stored value is not diluted by currency printing or a central bank. No person or entity can decide to print more Bitcoins.

My research on brand amplification involved test trials, which were covered in news media in over 35 countries. The potential value of creating a prescriptive method for fame-building has placed me in front of a wide spectrum of influentials ranging from T. Boone Pickens to Steve Harvey. Your involvement helps me further develop this research.

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Why the Bitcoin community...

Fundamental change starts and ends with money.

Years from now, economists will look back and discuss the famed "miners" - those who run software on their computers to help keep the Bitcoin network operating. Bitcoin provides an opportunity to create a more equitable trading commodity; whereby, the appreciation index is more influenced by all stakeholders rather than the decisions of one sector. 


This is an open source currency that enables immediate public offerings, no middle men, or restrictions to open market trading. Contracts are encoded, rather than relied upon for the ingenuity of a lawyer.


The future involves alternative currencies, which means money has a new landscape. I'm hopeful this creates a better, more diversified marketplace. 


The next step...


Research continues in the College of Communication and Information Sciences at The University of Alabama. 

Thank You
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